SAGE 960B Technical Data
Standard Features
Send/Measure Tone, Spectrum Analyzer
Graphical UI PC Software
PCM Data Capture
Channel Selectable Remote and Local Audio Monitor
Programmable Pass/Fail Parameters
Physical Characteristics
Test Interface: 2/4 T1 or E1 Ports
Bantam, BNC (Dual Mon, D&I, Term)
Dual 10/100 BaseT, RJ-45 (Half, Full)
Four 2-Wire FXO, RJ-11
Two 4-Wire Dry, RJ-22
Com Port: 10/100 BaseT, USB 1.0
Power 120/240VAC; UL, CE
Com Port: Single USB, Series B Receptacle
Size 10" x 4 "x 14.5", max wt. 10 lbs.
Operating Temp 0-40 Degrees C
960B Options
7960-0000-02 960B Unit Chassis (120/240VAC)
7960-0100-02 Dual E1/T1
7960-0200-02 Quad E1/T1
7960-0300-02 Dual Ethernet (10/100 BaseT)
7960-0400-02 Quad 2-Wire and Dual 4-Wire Analog
7960-0800-02 Onboard Controller & TCP/IP intf
7960-1000-02 PRI-ISDN Call Setup
7960-5100-02 DTMF and MF Digit Receiver
7960-5200-02 ROTL 100, 102 & 105
7960-5300-02 MoIP - Modem over IP
7960-5400-02 BERT - DSO, DS1, FT1 and FE1 BERT
7960-5500-02 NGEN Tests
(SMOS, PVIT, Echo Sounder, Echo Generator)
7960-5600-02 G.168 Suite - ITU G.168 Echo Suite
7960-5700-02 INMD - ITU P.561 Passive Echo Mon
7960-5800-02 Fax - T.30 Transmit & Receiver Emulation
7960-6110-02 SIP Protocol Mon/Decode
7960-6120-02 SIP Call Setup
7960-6130-02 RTP Mon & Decode
7960-6132-02 RTP Traffic Generator
7960-6140-02 RTCP Mon & Decode
960x Accessories
9400-00(66/67)-01 960 Cable Kit
9400-0068-01 FXO Channel Bank
960x Series Specifications (PDF)
2/4 Analog Interface Specifications (TIMs)
IEEE-743 Advanced Transient Test Specifications
IEEE-743 23-Tones Test Specifications
IEEE-743 4-Tone Intermodulation Test Specification
Engineering Release Notes v10.3.10 for 960B & 966R Date: 8-31-2010
Information in SAGE’s P.561 INMD Test
SMOS Specification
Echo Sounder and Echo Generator Test Specification
Next Generation Voice Quality Tests, PVIT & PSQM
960B Series Product Literature (PDF)
New 960B 4 Page Data Sheet. Date: 3-12-2007
960B Warranty
Application Notes
V.22bis Modem Emulator Test Function
v.90 Modem Monitor Test Function
Tutorials and White Papers
Sage IP Video Quality Monitor White Paper
The E-Model, R Factor and MOS
PESQ: An Introduction
PESQ Tools
Using PESQ to Test a VoIP Network
Comparison between subjective listening quality and P.862 PESQ score
New IP Telephony Transparency Test, MoIP, Fax, Data & Voice
Voice Quality Tests For Next Generation Packet Voice Networks
Echo Sounder & Echo Generator White Paper
Enhanced Echo Sounder
Passive Echo Monitor
Fax Emulator Test White Paper
V.90 Modem Protocol Analyzer White Paper
DS-0 Integrity Test White Paper (SPBERT)
ATME Responder Tutorial
SMOS (Sage Mean Opinion Score) White Pape
G.168 White Paper
Packet Voice Impairment Test White Paper
Perceptual Speech Quality Measure White Paper
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Intuitive GUI provides Virtual Instrument control panel for each bearer channel

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