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325EV Packet Voice Responder

Title Part Number Description
7325-0050-01 Option: 325EV-0050 Analog ITU P.862, PESQ License
7325-8980-01 Option: 325EV-8981 One (1) year extended warranty.
7325-8980-02 Option: 325EV-8982 Two (2) year extended warranty.
7325-8980-03 Option: 325EV-8983 Three (3) year extended warranty.
Title Part Number Description
Recertification Recertification: applies if extended warranty is not purchased within one (1) year of equipment purchase (DOES NOT INCLUDE CALIBRATION)
Title Part Number Description
7325-0000-01 325EV Enhanced VoP Responder: The 325EV provides farend test lines for SMOS, PVIT Send, Echo Generator and DTMF callback. Includes support for both 2 and 4-wire analog interfaces.