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325EV Packet Voice Responder

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Key Facts

- Test the networks ability to transmit distortion free voice in both directions
- Provides Clarity Merit Score (MOS)
- Measures audio level
- Measures background noise
- Detect and measure packet loss
- Detect and measure voice clips
- Detect and measure noise hits
- Detect and measure echo
- Verify echo cancellation
- Measure network delay
- Measure jitter buffer performance
- Verify codec type
- Measure call completion time (post dial delay)


Sage 3rd generation 960B General Purpose IP Telephony Tester works work in lab to field applications for all facets of VoIP performance verification.


With the 925VST, installers place test calls to a Sage responder and perform automated packet voice tests to quickly profile end-to-end, network performance. The 925VST can place and receive test calls from a 2-Wire analog interface (POTS), or test from an IP Phone/Digital Phone 4-Wire analog handset interface. Ensure QoS across the network, qualify ECHO, DELAY, MOS (clarity) and voice packet loss and much more!

- Reduces truck rolls and down time
- Enables proactive routine testing for QoS metrics
- Provides bi-directional QoS metrics for CLARITY, ECHO, DELAY, Packet Loss and more!