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UCTT Base Station Test Instrument

Title Part Number Description
7930-2068-01 Option: 930i-68, G.168
7930-2070-01 Option: 930i-70 Complex Impedance - Generic CONSULT FACTORY
7930-2055-01 Option: 930i-55 Echo Sounder
7930-2056-01 Option: 930i-56, Echo Generator and Test Line
7930-2051-01 Option: 930i-51 Fractional E1 Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT)
7930-2047-01 Option: 930i-47 Remote Audio Monitor CONSULT FACTORY
7930-2040-01 Option: 930i-40 Wideband TIMS (20 Hz to 300 kHz) Includes Impulse Noise
7930-2031-01 Option: 930i-31 Digital Rear Panel Access
7930-2021-01 Option: 930i-21 Absolute Delay (Software) Included in Option 100
7930-2017-01 Option: 930i-17 Removes 2W/4W Analog Interface On New Units. For DS-1 operation only
7930-2016-01 Option: 930i-16 Operation from 48VDC Office Battery Power instead of 115 VAC, 60 Hz
7930-2013-01 Option: 930i-13 Ring Generator/True REN-3 Load
7930-2012-01 Option: 930i-12 Remote Office Test Line (ROTL), Interrogator, Responder (Type 105 Format). (Software)
7930-2011-01 Option: 930i-11 Echo Canceller Testing / ATME
7930-2070-02 Option: 930i-70 Complex Impedance - Russian
7930-2070-03 Option: 930i-70 Complex Impedance - UK-BABT
7930-2073-01 Option: 930i-73 Operating System Upgrade to V6.XX
7930-2074-01 Option: 930i-74 Protocol for Operating System Upgrade w/manuals
7930-2075-01 Option: 930i-75, Packet Voice Impairment Test
7930-2076-01 Option: 930i-76, SMOS
7930-2100-01 Option: 930i-100 Enhanced TIMS Package (Software) Includes Options: 06, Peak to Average Ratio ; 07, 3 Level Impulse Noise; 18, Phase / Amplitude Jitter & Hits ; 19, Envelope Delay Distortion; 20, 4-Tone Intermodulation Distortion, Group Delay, 21, Absolute Delay, 23 Tone Test
7930-2130-01 Option 930i-130 Next Generation Test Suite (Bundled Price). Includes PVIT, SMOS, Echo Sounder and Echo Generator
7930-2154-01 Option: 930i-154 Director and Responder 23 Tone Test for Fax and High-Speed Modem Circuits
7930-2500-31 Option: 930i-5003 Argentina (International Protocol)
7930-2500-41 Option: 930i-5004 Argentina (Oper System Upgrade)
7930-2510-41 Option: 930i-5104 Brazil (International Protocol)
7930-2510-51 Option: 930i-5105 Brazil (Oper System Upgrade)
7930-2520-21 Option: 930i-5202 Chile (International Protocol)
7930-2520-31 Option: 930i-5203 Chile (Oper System Upgrade)
7930-2530-21 Option: 930i-5003 China (International Protocol)
7930-2530-31 Option: 930i-5302 China (Oper System Upgrade)
7930-2540-21 Option: 930i-5402 Columbia (International Protocol)
7930-2540-31 Option: 930i-5403 Columbia (Oper System Upgrade)
7930-2550-21 Option: 930i-5502 Korea (International Protocol)
7930-2550-31 Option: 930i-5503 Korea (Oper System Upgrade)
7930-2560-31 Option: 930i-5603 Mexico (International Protocol)
7930-2560-41 Option: 930i-5604 Mexico (Opers System Upgrade)
7930-2570-21 Option: 930i-5702 C5 (International Protocol)
7930-2570-31 Option: 930i-5703 C5 (Oper System Upgrade)
7930-2580-21 Option: 930i-5802 Singapore (International Protocol)
7930-2580-31 Option: 930i-5803 Singapore (Oper System Upgrade)
7930-2590-21 Option: 930i-5902 Taiwan (International Protocol)
7930-2590-31 Option: 930i-5903 Taiwan (Oper System Upgrade)
7930-2600-11 Option: 930i-6001 Nicaragua (International Protocol)
7930-2600-21 Option: 930i-6002 Nicaragua (Oper System Upgrade)
793X-8980-01 Option: 930i-8981 One (1) year extended warranty. Does not include calibration
793X-8980-02 Option: 930i-8982 Two (2) year extended warranty. Does not include calibration
793X-8980-03 Option: 930i-8983 Three (3) year extended warranty. Does not include calibration
Upgrade OS Operating System Upgrade ( To Version 6.X). Includes Manuals
Upgrade OSHF Protocol Upgrade Handling Fee for OS Upgrade
Title Part Number Description
Recertification Recertification: applies if extended warranty is not purchased within one (1) year of equipment purchase (DOES NOT INCLUDE CALIBRATION)
Title Part Number Description
CE CE Mark Certification
Title Part Number Description
7930-2000-01 930i, Communications Test Set The Basic 930i is an Analogue, Digital and Signaling Communications Test Set with both Metallic an Digital Interfaces. The unit also features E1 BERT and Remote Control/Printer Interface, Digital Echo Canceller Control, Call Progress Monitor/Generator and Configuration Utilities. Includes one each of the following cables: Red 8 BNC 9400-0038-01, Blue 8 BNC to BNC 4900-0039-01, Red 8 Bantam to Alligator Clips 9400-0040-01, Blue 8 Bantam to Alligator Clips 9400-0041-01.