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For many years Sage has been providing groundbreaking telecommunications test solutions. Our precision instruments have the capability of running multiple simultaneous tests on various telephony networks and protocols.

960B Multi-Channel Test Instrument, Front view

960B Multi-Channel Test Instrument

- Passively and/or actively detect & measure AUDIO LEVELS and ECHO
- Assess voice quality - MOS, DELAY, NOISE, etc.
- Qualify Echo Cancellers - Dispersive Echo and programmable delay
- Verify FAX/data modem transparency
- Verify VAD, Jitter Buffer, Comfort Noise, silence suppression performance
- Emulate Fax and True IP phones with jitter buffers and real RTP
- Filter, decode and analyze RTP/RTCP
- Detect and monitor rogue/illegal VoIP calls

Whether you are a Next Generation operator or designer, the 960B reduces rollout and design cycle time for new packet voice services.

966R Multi-Channel Rack Test Server, Front view

966R Multi-Channel Rack Test Server

- Field Certification and Deployment Testing
- Voice Quality Testing
- Tier III Fault Isolation
- Proactive Quality Assurance Testing
- Proactive IMT Testing (ROTL)

930i International Test Set, Front view

930i International Test Set

The 930i is designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including:
- VoP, Voice Quality and Troubleshooting
- Echo Canceller testing and design verification
- Computer/Internet Telephony Testing
- Inter-Office Troubleshooting
- Qualification Testing at Customer Premises
- OEM Testing in Manufacturing/Production
- Installed equipment as part of a Test System
- Laboratory Standard

925VST Hand-held VoIP Service Tester, Front view

925VST Hand-held VoIP Service Tester

- Fast, comprehensive VoIP qualification
- Qualify service in less than a minute!
- Next Generation SAGE Voice Suite
- Provides clarity merit score (MOS)
- Measures/adjusts audio level
- Measures background noise

901A Audio Adapter, Front view

901A Audio Adapter

- Facilitates connection between Sage 93X series test equipment and cell phone / VoIP phone / PC sound card

- Blocks DC and provides amplitude equalization for the aforementioned connection

*   For more details, please read this document:  901A Audio Adapter Instructions & Specifications