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925VST Hand-held VoIP Service Tester

Key Facts

- Fast, comprehensive VoIP qualification
- Qualify service in less than a minute!
- Next Generation SAGE Voice Suite
- Provides clarity merit score (MOS)
- Measures/adjusts audio level
- Measures background noise


THE 925VST is a powerful handheld voice over packet (VoP) service qualification tool for field deployment and troubleshooting personnel who need a rapid and reliable installation tool. 

No return customer visits or truck rolls!

With the 925VST, installers place test calls to a Sage responder and perform automated packet voice tests to quickly profile end-to-end,
network performance. The 925VST can place and receive test calls from a 2-Wide analog interface (POTS), or test from an IP Phone/Digital Phone 4-Wire analog handset interface.

Ensure QoS across the network, qualify ECHO, DELAY, MOS (clarity) and voice packet loss and much more!

The 925VST provides immediate pass or fail conditions and stores multiple results for later review or export.