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930i International Test Set

Key Facts

The 930i is designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including:
- VoP, Voice Quality and Troubleshooting
- Echo Canceller testing and design verification
- Computer/Internet Telephony Testing
- Inter-Office Troubleshooting
- Qualification Testing at Customer Premises
- OEM Testing in Manufacturing/Production
- Installed equipment as part of a Test System
- Laboratory Standard


The 930i Communications Test Set is a multi function portable unit that features a powerful Next Generation Voice Test Suite. It offers a laboratory quality VF TIMS, a full-featured BERT, RS-232 control and a host of other functions as standard equipment.

The SAGE 930i comes equipped with common 2-wire and 4-wire analogue interfaces as well as an E1 interface with dual direction drop and insert capability and many useful PCM span diagnostics.
Access to testing is made easy with the standard R2 and MF/DTMF/DP signaling features; and the built in analysis functions make troubleshooting complex signaling problems a lot easier.

The 930i’s versatile signaling features enable it to simulate, test and monitor at almost any point in a network. It is equally at home at the IAD or gateway, the switch room or PBX closet, the customer or carrier DEMARC, in the lab or on the production floor. Its ability to simulate and monitor both sides of a connection makes it an indispensable troubleshooting tool. Its industry-leading technology has made it a standard lab and development platform throughout the telecom industry.